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Kaori Tsushima

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Kaori Tsushima
Kaori believes she is the owner of her bunnies, no matter what they think.

Born and raised in a small town in upper Japan, Kaori has been singing, dancing, playing piano and writing scripts for musicals. During her studies in International Communication at Kanda University of International Studies, she started to sing in the World Youth Choir, where she met all the wonderful members of the Time Ensemble. The experiences she has earned in these musical groups are the biggest inspiration for her composition, which includes solo pieces, and pieces for bands and for theater groups.

Currently, Kaori has been directing stage productions like concerts, fashion shows, seminars and parties for global companies, while she also works as a voice trainer at universities and gives private lessons.

Seeking for the world, peace for eternity, Kaori was, is, and will be writing music, hoping that her songs of hope be performed and heard by people from all over the world.