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Emma Fagerström

Current Member
Once a person tells her their birthday - she never forgets the date.

Emma started to sing at the age of one. At the age of six she started singing in a Choir and playing the violin. After twelve years of education in singing, playing the violin and the piano, acting and dancing, in the Local Music School in her hometown, and three years of Music Direction in the Senior High School, where she also was a member of the award winning girl's choir Korallerna, she got accepted into the school of Musical Theatre and Performing Arts and moved to Stockholm.

In Stockholm she sang with the award winning St Johannes Chamber Choir and in 2008 she auditioned for World Youth Choir and toured with them in Hong Kong and China during the summer. This tour changed her life and she decided to become a classical singer and soloist. So she  studied classical singing in a preparatory school in Stockholm for two years and then she got into the Music College and moved to the small town of Örebro where the college is situated. This May she finished her Bachelors and graduated, and in September she will start studying an extra year at the same College. For one and a half years she has been a permanent member of the reknowned music/theatre ensemble Voces Nordicae in Stockholm and frequently sings with other professional groups in Stockholm and Örebro. Emma also has some solo projects coming up during the autumn.