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Goodbye, Indonesia!


This year we celebrated our 5th anniversary, and we couldn’t be happier: during 5 years we have visited 10 different countries, gave over 60 concerts and workshops and made countless amount of friends. None of that would’ve happened if it wasn’t for all the fantastic people, supporters and organizers, who have different paths, but are all united by the love to music and their desire to help us make this project happen.

We would like to thank everyone who was with us this year in Indonesia. This tour started in Bali, where we participated at the 5th Bali International Choir Festival. We’re grateful to the Bandung Choral Society and its president Tommyanto Kandisaputra for the invitation and for arranging the event that brought together so many fantastic performers to experience something that would never be possible in any other corner of the world. Managing this type of event can be challenging, and we are happy that people around us did it so gracefully – special mention to our beloved Nathanael Ahimsa, Desiree, Rachel and Kevinder.

From Bali we took off to Malang and Surabaya – what a great amount of friends we made there! We’d like to thank Petra Christian University, GKA Trinitas Surabaya, Amadeus Enterprise, St. Clara Junior High School Surabaya, and our dear friends Evelyn Merrelita and Hermon Sumilat, Mrs Sanny Wibisono and Mr Benny Wibisono, Ervina Chen, Patrisna Widuri, Arzde Widharta. Each and every one of these people amazed us with their passion, their generosity and their kind hearts. For our time in Malang, we’re very grateful to the Malang State University and Malang State University Student Choir, as well as Swara Satata Çakti Choir, who made sure we always felt welcomed and who supported us through the rest of the trip.

One particularly special day we had in the place called Tretes. We visited SMA Negeri 1 Pandaan, where we got to sing with Enharmonic Singers (special thanks to their conductor Supriyanto Harmanie) and got to dance traditional dance and play gamelan! That was a truly outstanding experience, and we thank the school and its leaders for arranging everything in such an incredible way. At our small evening outdoor concert, we got to be the part of a heart-warming proposal by our baritone, Martin, to his girlfriend Alžběta. We are very happy for them and wish them to have a wonderful life together!

Our last stop on the tour was Jakarta. In cooperation with Gloriamus Music School and Gloriamus Church, we did several workshops, including conducting and vocal classes, and performed for one last time. We’d like to thank Ndaru Darsono, Mrs Pao Tjoe, Mrs Mei Tjen, Mr Samuel Oey, Mrs Amelia and all the people in Gloriamus for all their help, understanding and positive energy.

Last, but not least, we’d like to express our gratitude to Josia Wirantama, who was with us throughout the whole experience, giving us guidance, advices, support and friendship, together with his team. As much as we’d like to be able to mention everyone, it’s seems impossible, since so many people are involved in this project. We will be forever grateful to everyone who invested their time and their energy in order for this tour to happen. Indonesia and all of you will stay forever in our hearts, but soon we’ll be off to our next adventure!


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